Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009

HM DT Call

Bei HM Challenge-Blog
suchen sie neue DT Mitglieder.
Also versuch ich mal mein Glück *G*

Make a post on your blog containing the following:

1. Why you would like to join the team

I love all these tiny mice and friends and they are my favorite stamps in my stamp collection. Feelin' rosy was my first stamp. I'd be proud to be a member on the challenge.

2. Show three samples of your best work on the post (please post pictures and not links to help save us time), they don't have to be new work and do not have to contain HM stamps (though we would like to see at least one)

Here are my 3 pictures.

3. Leave a comment on THIS POST with a link to your application post.

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QBeX hat gesagt…

Are those stitched or painted?